The Healthy Delicious Alternative To Eating Out

The subscription service is for customers who prefer the convenience of an automatic withdrawal each week or month. This allows you to just order the great meal choices each week, without having to re-enter the payment information each time. We email out a reminder each week to make your selections.

You do not have to worry about trying to eat healthy and perform proper meal planning each week. We will do it for you.

 There is a 10% discount (covers tax) on all monthly and weekly subscriptions, with a minimum of 4 weeks under the weekly subscription service. The 10% is removed from the price automatically even on the first week of payment. However, if the subscription is cancelled before 4 weeks of ordering, you will be billed the additional 10% for those purchases.

  The monthly service is for paying for 4 weeks at a time with      additional savings.

  If you would just like to order each week without subscription, please purchase using our Menu page.