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  Green Table is a gourmet home meal catering and delivery service that serves up fresh fully prepared meals consisting of prime, natural, local ingredients for a fraction of the cost of eating out. All of our meals are prepared in our commercial kitchen by our dedicated Chef Jamie, and are delivered in recyclable containers right to your front door step. We were Nashville's first healthy meal delivery service. We have always been ahead of the competition, as Chef Jamie a Nashville native, has been working in the culinary field since the 1990's. And knows how to combine gourmet taste with Southern cooking style. And she continues to innovate and bring our customers top quality fresh food. 

       We provide great health and lifestyle benefits. We all have busy lives and unfortunately one of the first consequences is un- healthy eating. The food you put into your body has a direct effect on how you feel. Clean eating helps your body repair from stressful days at the office and from hard exercise workouts. Green Table enables you to enjoy your time at home without having to worry about spending your time meal planning and preparing.

      This is not a meal kit. We don't just drop a bag of ingredients at your door and expect you to assemble and cook. Green Table offers complete gourmet restaurant quality meals. That provide a full nutritional balance for your body. The meals are fully prepared fresh food for you. Our posted menus are updated biweekly to offer you a bit of variety along with a smattering of our most popular meals.

Give Yourself a Break from Cooking and Eat Better!

Why Green Table?

  • We source our ingredients in bulk , which helps keep our costs low so that you generally pay less than an average restaurant meal.
  •  We strive to be as organic as possible.
  • We practice clean eating guidelines only using whole grains, stocks and sauces made from scratch. Food in its most delicious, natural form.
  • We deliver multiple meals at a time, which are ready to heat and eat, or freeze and save
  •  We can modify meals to meet certain dietary requests and 
  • requirements.

Feeling Hungry?

Consider Green Table for your next meal. Our meals are tasty, healthy and easy on the planet.

 For more information, go to our  MENU  or HOW IT WORKS . 

We thank you for your continued patronage.

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